Patrick DoyonPatrick Doyon

Patrick has a diversified background including a Bachelor of Engineering and a Masters of Sciences from McGill University(Montreal, 1992 & 1996) along with a Teaching Diploma (UQAC, 1996), an Executive MBA (UQAM, 1999) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (Royal Roads University, 2012). His 20 years of experience have provided him with a broad spectrum of practical know-how and expertise gathered at R&D centers, high-tech start-ups, Canadian public companies and international organizations. An early contributor to the field of elearning, Patrick designed and developed one of the first college-level elearning courses in the province, and was instrumental in designing and implementing one of the original elearning and competency management systems used by companies such as Desjardins Credit Union and Bell Canada. Leveraging his expertise in elearning and training, in management consulting and in software development, Patrick conceived a novel approach for the efficient assessment and development of relational skills via simulation-based elearning. Today, as the Principal and Founder of Arevelk Inc. - and founding member of BeyondTheTheory - Patrick helps his clients enhance the individual capabilities of their employees and improve their overall organisational effectiveness through a blend of Consulting and Training services supplemented with Experiential eLearning solutions (Click here for a full BIO of Patrick Doyon).


BeyondTheTheory's Advisory Board 


In today’s fast-pace ever changing workplace, success often depends on how fast can one get access to know-how, expertise or resources. Collaboration and experience sharing is critical. This is why BeyondTheTheory relies on an Advisory Board to enhance and accelerate the design and deployment of its innovative leadership development services. The Advisory Board’s breadth and depth of experience in human resources management, in leadership development and in executive coaching represents a significant step forward in BeyondTheTheory’s ambition to stay at the forefront of its industry. The initial three members of the Advisory Board are:


Clare CohenClare Cohen

Clare is one of our experienced Executive Coaches. She is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with an MSc in psychometrics and 15 years of international coaching and consulting experience, including a 3-year assignment in Brazil. She has a curiosity about different people and cultures and puts this to great use when she helps senior managers and leaders get the best out of their people by identifying enduring talents, potential and character strengths, so they can be mobilised more effectively. She has experience in sectors ranging from retail to telecoms in regions across the UK and the Americas. She’s an advocate of the positive psychology movement and is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese.



Valerie TremblayValérie Tremblay

Valerie is currently the Vice-President of Human Resources for Laura Canada Inc., a large national retailer with stores established across Canada. Valerie has a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University along with an MBA from UQAM and Paris-Dauphine, and she brings to the Advisory Board over 15 years of human resource management experience. Valerie is a certified HR professional (CRHA), sits on the Board of Director of the Quebec Association of Human Resources Professionals, and has her ACC credentials from the International Coaching Federation. 


Ron Parent

Corporate Vice President of Human Resources for ATCO Structures and Logistics, a Calgary-based division of ATCO Group Ltd with manufacturing facilities in North America, South America and Australia, and operations on five continents. Ron has a B.Com from University of Alberta, an MSc in Human Resources from Nova Southeastern University, and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. As a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) with over 20 years of domestic and international human resources management experience within the energy industry, Ron brings a solid leadership track record to Advisory Board.



BeyondTheTheory's Affiliate Coaches


BeyondTheTheory is proud to have the following affiliate coaches as part of its highly experienced team helping to develop emerging talent. 


Dawn describes herself as a Discovery Coach; passionate about people and helping them to become the ultimate version of themselves. Having worked for major UK and Global companies her experience has focussed on managing change where she has successfully led and developed individuals, and teams, to deliver results. She has a curiosity and adventurous quality which lends a light, fun side to the relationships she has with her clients, balancing and complimenting her professionalism. In addition to her commercial experience, she brings over 10 years experience of facilitating on a highly effective Leadership in Management programme. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation, a Somatic Coach, has an MBA, is qualified to use a variety of psychometric tools and is a Master Practitioner of NLP.



Hazel is passionate about bringing out the best in people and has been working as a leadership coach and trainer for over ten years. Through one-to-one coaching she supports senior managers, directors and team leaders at times of change and transition typically around how to increase their ability to communicate with impact and influence. She draws on a number of influences (including NLP and findings of neuroscience) and takes an inside out approach, building internal confidence and self-belief which impacts on behaviour in a sustainable way. As an accomplished trainer Hazel designs programmes that consistently deliver what the client wants. Hazel has a reputation for being able to connect with delegates and students through a blend of warmth, humour and direct communication to encourage people to stretch and develop perspective and unlock their potential. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation and an NLP Practitioner.



James is a specialist in leadership development. A proven facilitator, coach and educator, he considers himself half of an active dialogue to advance the lifelong process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfillment. A graduate of the University of Oxford and McGill University, as well as being certified in the MBTI assessment by the American Management Association and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, he engages people through analysis, communication, care, mutual involvement and practical application. His comprehension of and engagement in the leadership process organizationally, and self-leadership in the individual, inform all of his work. With an easy-going and humane, considerate approach, he serves to assist individuals and organizations with their leadership necessities. He is an explorer of human potential, transforming self-awareness to create a richer, wiser, freer, better world.


Jean Bonneau

Jean brings extensive large organization expertise gathered through a successful three-decade long career at Hydro-Quebec, Canada’s largest producer and supplier of electricity. With experience as commercial delegate and spokesperson for environmental issues pertaining to hydraulic, wind farm and nuclear electricity production, Jean currently acts as a senior consultant with the distribution division of Hydro-Quebec. Jean has an executive MBA from UQAM and a Masters in International Business from the University of Paris IX Dauphine. As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Jean acts as executive coach to senior managers and partners of Montreal-based National Organizations. Jean also sits on the board of TVSO (VOX Montérégie), a Public Interest TV channel. When he’s not working, Jean enjoys working out, practicing yoga and martial arts (he’s a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and Karate!) and singing (he’s in a Jazz Band).


Julie Barnes

Julie has come from a commercial background having worked in Marketing Management for companies such as Compass Group, RHM and Smith & Nephew. Since 2005, she's been working with private individuals, corporates and small businesses in the fields of career coaching, executive coaching, mentoring, leadership development and outplacement consultancy. Her conversational, but direct approach, helps clients to become their authentic selves - to appreciate who they are, play to their strengths and realise what they can offer. She bring a motivating energy to her clients and a lightness which helps their journey feel easier and clearer. She likes to support and challenge her clients to think outside the box and look at themselves, their career and business in a different way - keeping focused and on track to achieve stretching goals.


Katherine Everitt-Newton

Katherine has come to Coaching from a long career as a Management Consultant specialising in Business Process Improvement and Change Management. She has Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and Infrastructure Utilities (Water, Electricity, Rail, Gas) experience in the USA, UK and Ireland. Whilst working on corporate transformation projects she became interested in the resistance arising from the conflict between an organisation's drive for improvement and an individual's control of change. This led to an interest in Coaching and helping individuals drive their own expressions of personal growth and fulfilment. As a Coach, Katherine helps businesses and individuals pursue their needs and values in a profitable and rewarding way. Katherine's consultancy background combined with her coaching skill set creates a unique and dynamic approach to change confidence. 


Rob Say

Rob is an experienced Learning & Development Consultant and Executive Coach with a proven track record in large corporates like EDS and HP. He has successfully delivered training, coaching and mentoring in areas such as time and self-mastery, transformational leadership, relationship management, accountability development, resilience development, influencing and networking, behaviour, conflict and stress management.





Sarah has over 27 years experience of business in sectors including consumer electronics, telecoms, retail and R&D. She has worked with leaders across Europe, Japan, India and the US and has held Director positions at Sony and Three mobile in the UK. Sarah has in-depth expertise in leadership and talent development and has also become increasingly interested in the area of personal Resilience and Energy and how to develop practical strategies to increase personal Resilience in the face of ever-increasing pressure in the business world. Sarah believes that great leadership starts with bringing the whole person to the leadership role. When leaders are more conscious of the kind of leader they are and how they want to lead, others are more willing to trust and to follow them. Sarah's coaching clients describe her as a great listener. She creates a safe and calm, but also challenging, 'thinking space' that is essential for quality decisions and effective leadership.


Sarah Thompson

Sarah is the Principal and Founding Partner of, a coaching and consulting company that works with clients to define & design their Leadership Presence based on their personal vision. We enable Leadership Development with a Coach Approach, i.e.: we identify and leverage existing strengths then provide feedback, resources, and support to reach your next level of success. LeadByDesign will help you jumpstart your leadership and team management skills by working with you to identify strengths and growing opportunities to build a foundation for improvement. We then design a strategy that identifies desired results and game-plan to get you there. We optimize growth by identifying tough scenarios and practicing conversations and strategies to create those desired results. My clients feel a boost in confidence, an ease of mind, and they create results quicker and better than before. 



Vicky has 15 years experience in HR management in large blue chip companies; IBM, PepsiCo and Microsoft. During this time her passion and focus was on talent development and career management. Her experience, from both the perspective of the organisation and also the employee, allows her now to fully support individuals in understanding how to effectively manage and take control of their career development. This ensures they have fulfilling, productive and balanced careers that play to their strengths and values. Vicky has over 5 years of corporate coaching experience working with executives and managers, and is accredited to PCC level with the International Coaching Federation. Clients say she is very clear thinking and has the ability to cut to the heart of the matter in a very supportive and personable way. She loves to positively challenge clients and create an open, trusting, collaborative partnership based on a mix of being practical and intuitive.