BeyondTheTheory’s Leadership Development Approach

BeyondTheTheory's leadership development programs can be applied to all manner of organisational roles, however, as a starting point, we have produced the following series of programs for:

  • Individual Contributors
  • First-time Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior Leaders
  • Leadership Teams

These development programs are delivered in three phases using the following framework:


The components supporting the framework are explained further as follows:

  • Individual and Team Assessments – BeyondTheTheory uses a variety of industry-leading questionnaires, psychometric tests and 360° assessments to understand aspects such as character strengths, learning styles, leadership competencies and team dynamics. The blend of assessments used depends on the challenges being addressed.
  • Personalised Development Plan – A development plan will be personalised for each individual based on factors such as assessment feedback, organisational culture, business drivers and development priorities. It will be written by the individual, using a structured approach provided by BeyondTheTheory, with guidance from their coach.
  • Private Individual Coaching – Personalised telephone based coaching sessions are conducted with a dedicated professional coach, every two to four weeks. They focus on the development priorities agreed in the Personalised Development Plan. These sessions are supplemented with online coaching interactions when needed.
  • Experiential Learning – Studies demonstrate that people learn best when they reflect on newly learnt concepts and skills, practice what they’ve learnt in a realistic setting and regularly discuss learning experiences. This philosophy is central to our approach and ensures new skills and competencies become part of an individual’s day-to-day behaviour.
  • Online and On-site Training – Some programs include webinars and/or workshops to provide a foundation of knowledge about the key skills and behaviours required to be successful in their role.
  • Online Support – Each program is enhanced through the use of a secure, feature rich web based platform that includes a library of educational content, online coaching, discussion forums, an expert-contributed blog and a private online journal that captures the development journey.
  • Debrief Report – Each individual receives a confidential debrief report written by their coach. It includes all supporting paperwork, online interactions, a summary of progress and opportunities for further development. The organisation will receive a separate report containing information to evaluate the return on investment.
  • Duration – Depending on the development needs, our programs can last anywhere between four and ten months. The timescale also allows for the experiential learning process to be effective.

BeyondTheTheory strives to deliver a lasting impact on individuals and their organisations in a way not available anywhere else. To learn more about our development programs, please read more…