All BeyondTheTheory programs can be supplemented with additional services to enhance the success of the development process.  These optional services include:

  • Assessments – A multitude of additional psychometric and competency assessments, customised surveys and team-based appraisals are available on demand. These can be used to provide a more comprehensive personalised development plan.
  • Onsite Coaching  Based on an individuals development needs, learning style and/or business context, the development program can be supplemented with on-site, face-to-face coaching sessions if necessary.
  • Onsite and Custom Training – Instructor-led training and workshops can be designed and offered on a variety of subjects, either at the individual’s workplace or another agreed location.
  • Onsite Consulting – Management Consulting is available to help organisations align leadership development activities with their business strategy.
  • Custom eLearning – Assistance can be provided with the design and production of customised online learning and development tools.

To talk to us about how we can customise a development program to meet your leadership development needs, please contact us...