BeyondTheTheory Launches Whitepaper

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BeyondTheTheory launches its latest whitepaper on Developing Emerging Leaders at a breakfast conference in Montreal, Canada.

Montreal – On 29th October 2013 at a breakfast conference in Montreal, Canada, BeyondTheTheory launched the results of its recent research project. In an attempt to understand the issues faced by organisations with regards to developing emerging leaders, the authors conducted a survey to gather insight on the context, trends and best practices in Leadership Development, Employee Learning and Professional Coaching. Amongst the main findings obtained from the survey and follow-on interviews, the authors noted the following observations:

  • Although companies are aware of the important link between their leadership pipeline and business success, most still have considerable work to do to improve their talent bench.
  • From a leadership pipeline perspective, organisations should increase their effort in developing the Self-Management and Interpersonal competencies of their emerging leaders, and perhaps scale down their focus on the acquisition of functional and technical competencies.
  • When it comes to developing emerging leaders and strengthening the talent pipeline of an organisation, Training and Development still plays a critical role – one that is predominantly focused on delivering instructionally efficient classroom training. In light of the survey results on “overall program effectiveness”, there are opportunities to consider alternative approaches in this regard.
  • Finally, despite being viewed as a beneficial method to developing emerging leaders, companies still perceive professional coaching as costly and as lacking structure and metrics. The authors suggest that novel cost-effective solutions exist which can mitigate the impact of these perceived barriers, while providing emerging leaders with effective opportunities to improve their critical managerial skills.

The whitepaper, written by BeyondTheTheory and titled ‘Developing Emerging Leaders: Why, What and How?’, explores the current trends and findings with the aim of:

  • Analysing and benchmarking the survey results with other similar studies,
  • Deriving general program characteristics and best practices, and
  • Proposing a more effective approach to developing emerging leaders and improving the talent bench of organisations.

The whitepaper makes some fascinating observations regarding current trends and best practices while also recommending new approaches that help organisations thrive in the brave new Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (V.U.C.A) world. If you’d like to download the full whitepaper then please click here.

About BeyondTheTheory

BeyondTheTheory strives to change the paradigm of talent development by using a combination of existing best practices underpinned by an experiential learning philosophy in order to deliver sustainable behavioural changes. Each person is taken through a 12-month program focused on his or her individual development needs. This year-long engagement is managed through a private online community of practice and delivers change through a blend of coaching, experiential training and social eLearning.

This approach will ensure lasting developmental improvements while costing little more than a week’s residential training course. For more information, please visit


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